MSO Selfhelp Tool

An South American MSO needs to empower their customers with an easy and direct tool to diagnose and, preferable, auto repair the configuration in order to obtain the best experience using their internet connection.


A couple of MSO in South America were asking for a self care tool that reduce or shorten the calls to Call Center and avoid unwanted truckrolls. It must support multiple MS Windows versions and be so easy that “your Grandfather” may use it without ask for help. Also it may be admin like any Call Center tool: admin, roles, users, shifts and reports.


The challenges were huge but the benefits may sky rocket. So, this software, at start, must serve from XP to Windows 8, with very different IU and configurations.

Also, the security layers must be constructed in a way that may be simple to use and trustworthy at the eyes of the customers.


We created a 5-in-1 software starting with a diagnose and repair Windows, if the problem are not solve it gives a 5 letter code to deliver in the voice call.

A WiFi resume windows, with all networks available: signal, channel, Mac, etc. And It calculates the less populated channel on the network (2.4GHz and 5GHz) and it send it to the provisioning system to force the CPE to a new channel, so the quality of the connection may be improved. As well, it counts with a series of quick buttons in order: to change the password (if the user knows it) or to ask by mail (if the user forgot)

A chat room to start making questions to an assistance , that may attend to 4 or 5 customers at the same time. If the problem is partially solved and there is internet connection, there is an RDC Windows, that allows a representative to take control remotely (session and clicks are recorded into a video).

Also, it has a summary windows with all information of the connection and a list of specific test that the representative usually asked for the user to run themselves, so It saves time because the test are already executed and they are all in the same place.

A Sandbox SpeedTest that test the conditions at the moment to run the test and the real service package of the customers. And score the result to easy understand the posible result and a percentage that represent the compliance of the test. The result are storage so the CSR may review the evolution of the results in time, also it brings a small inventory of the machine used (OS, RAM, ROM or HDD available), wifi card manufacturer, CPU and display information.

A Download/Receive files from a list or directly from the the representative. In order to update drivers or install antivirus software (revenue opportunity).