WiFi Assessment Tool

Create a chart of the WiFi coverage at moment of installation, with that information the MSO informs to the customer the possibility and the real range of the WiFi coverage, the possible improvements (revenue opportunity) and it saves the information to future references.


Some MSO from North and South America were asking for a tool that may assess the WiFi coverage and, also, teach to the customer the real range of the network, with the objective to manage expectations and future complains, or to extend the coverage if needed.


The main challenge were about the deployment, it has to be efficient but cheap, and it has to be accurate to the reality of the customers. So the market is 80% Android, and it should be, at least, the same amount of mobile devices than computers, if not more.


We develop and delivery an Android tools that make tree specific test in different positions in every room available, it has an easy to use interface that minimize the input and digitation make by the technicians. So if they follows the software it would, finally, deliver a summary of the coverage in every room, representative with colors and it will give a score of the current coverage in the household. This information is not only useful at the installation time, but when the customer calls asking for help o make a complain. The CSR has the complete information and it may checks the coverage “by room”, and offers solutions but avoiding to send truckrolls to solve an irreal problem.