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  • Provide the ability to browse and locate WiFi AP of competitors.
    • Since the users rarely turn off the WiFi capabilities of the ISP modems, and most of this equipements are easily identifiable.
    • Using differents databases, it is possible to cross the data and geolocalization with privates or public sources to identificate the customers and the evolution of penetration, churn and demand.
  • What do it solve?
    • Even with huge amount of data saved by ISP, it is very common that the average hides important issues, such competitors’ campaigns or aggressive sales teams.
    • Sometimes those actions are not visibles until the damage is made, and commonly, irreversible.
  • So, what is the point?
    • The objective is to give the operator a clear vision, simple and intuitive, of the movements into his customers base and analyze the penetrations and market share under their footprint.
    • Allows to plan and direct sales actions to capture or retake customers.

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