By request, we have made several “Custom Made Solutions” witcht are not replicable between customers. Look into the Success's Cases to see our portfolio.

Software solution for big companies

We brings the best from both software worlds to your Company. You get our 10-year expertise in building wide-ranging custom software. The uniqueness for the architectures in each company makes, in some cases, very difficult to apply a recipe or an out the box solution. Mixed technologies, several versions or legacy software, old appliances, PLC and other controlers are commonly present in the daily operation and they are, often, a challenge for stablish or create new software.

Enterprise Software

Web Development

Mobile App Development

Embedded Software

Custom Software
Systems for companies that see limited capabilities by not having an efficient management system. We take care to carry out your project from survey to final implementation.

Through reengineering existing systems can be rebuilt, improving processes and updating its platform. Migrating applications and databases.

Database development, building solutions to your organization requires, resulting in a centralized, efficient, safe, accessible, simplifying their business processes and making them more efficient system.

Near Zero Downtime Methodology ( NZDT )
The development of the new application will be done with the Continuous Development Methodology, which is a concept derived from the best practices of configuration management, automated tests, continuous integration, data management and version management. The objective is to fully automate the deployment of a system in a productive environment, minimizing the risks associated with this process. To achieve this, it is necessary to have an infrastructure and best practices that, if properly implemented, allow achieving the proposed objective, and of course Near Zero Software Downtime for 24×7 Operations.

This implies that the software must be 100% compatible between both version, even if the new software has improvements. Both versions must coexist during a short period of time, and then upgrades or bigger modifications may be applied.

Once the department leader accepts the module it will be put at disposition of the users and all new entries are moved to the new software.

The continue flow of uploading a new module does not interfere with the daily Operation, the modifications are made at the beginning, then it is only parametrization.

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