Total renew of ERP

A Copper Continuous Casting company in SouthAmerica needs to completely rethink their software strategy and take back control of ERP software.


Because all relationships are build into trust, they started asking and wondering if we have the tools and knowledge to help them. The past experiences were traumatic for them:

  • They decided to build an “in-house” ERP, based in only one programer
  • The programer left before all was finish and the replacement was not in the shape to extend the software, almost even unable to maintain it.


What we have found when started to assess the situation:

  • Different languages for each modules
  • Different versions deployed across the terminals (not always compatibles between them)
  • Multiple repositories with the same version number but differences in the code
  • To install or repair a terminal (usually Windows XP), they must clone a disk with no procedure or installation software. Nor work in newer versions of Windows. Most of the software were written in VB6.

It was all a mess, there were no order nor logic in the operation, the company were in real risk, just a minor problem could became in a great catastrophe. So, hands on, the first was to order and backup the databases, take them to an unique version (if possible) and create a production server and a backup. Before, there were multiple servers with both functions, production and backup.

  • Databases: versions, backups, licences, etc.
  • Internet Connection: Security, configuration, etc.
  • Servers: File sharing, Directory Services, versions, licenses, etc.


First, we need a stable environment, one repository, an autoupdate tool and production servers with backup. Reorder all server, capabilities, connections and security. The second task, it was to create an install software and be able to install it into newer MS Windows versions, such 7 or 10.

After one year of compressive work and with a trusted relationship established, we started the renew project, to leave behind VB6 and VB.Net to migrate all ERP to PHP + MS SQL site, and of course, expand the software for all the manual task and replace manual procedures that were created to complete the old system.